MARPOL Annex I, Regulation 26 requires every Oil Tanker of 150 GRT and above, and every ship other than an Oil Tanker of 400 GRT and above to carry an a Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan, approved by the Flag Administration.

Traditionally, SOPEPs have been just another manual kept somewhere in the Master's cabin or on the Bridge. Sometimes the Coastal State Contact lists are updated. Other than that this manual is generally left alone.

Requirements and standards have changed most recently, with Port State Control / USCG / Flag Administrations becoming more stringent on the contents and its application.

We created a new Industry standard in SOPEP content and this manual of ours has been successfully implemented across several large operators.

Our SOPEP manuals, represents a radical change from traditional boiler plate SOPEPs. We custom design the SOPEP to integrate with the existing Safety management System of the Company - complimenting, rather than any redundancy, with consistency in your contingency planning.

Our SOPEPs are dynamic and are designed for change and improvements. As we have a rather good understanding of the systems, we truly believe that we have added value to the traditional SOPEP.

Panama Canal SOPEP (PC SOPEP)

Most of you, who have vessels transiting the Panama Canal, would have received notification regarding the requirement of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) to have Panama Canal SOPEP (PCSOPEP) on board all vessels with a oil (bunkers and/or cargo) carrying capacity of 400MT or more. This is mandatory for all transits from January 2004.

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